SIZE UP - 30 caps

  • Shows strong anabolic properties
  • Light androgenicproperties
  • Great results in short time
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Core Labs Size Up is a complex prohormonal product which contains three ingredients of very strong anabolic properties (Max LMG, Ergomax LMG and Madol). The product has been enhenced with NAC and vitamin E TPGS, which are the substances that support the functioning of the body system and improve its regeneration during the use of agents that may damage cells (e.g. hepatocytes) and cell membranes. The addition of Carbopol improves the power and effectiveness of the product.

Max LMG (13-ethyl-3methoxygona-2, 5(10)-dien-17-one) is a prohormone designed in a way that it causes a steady growth of muscle mass at low water retention. Its activity after transformation into active metabolites is believed to be more powerful than the activity of nandrolone. As an addition to mass cycles, it gives the effect of hard and tight muscles. Its antiprogesterone properties lead to an increase in libido and a reduction in side effects resulting from too high levels of estrogens (water retention, gynecomastia).

In the stomach acid, a metabolite known as 13b-ethyl-nor-androstenedione is produced, whose anabolic properties are similar to the properties of testosterone, but it is less androgenic than testosterone. These properties allow for further reduction in the risk of side effects (hair loss, acne).

Ergomax LMG (17-methyl-delta-2-etioallocholane & 17-methyl-delta-3-etioallocholane) is a very strong substance recommended for everyone who wants to gain big muscle muss as quickly as possible. It is often used as a starter in injection cycles, in order to start quickly from the very beginning. In the product, it plays also a role of a “kickstarter”.

Madol (17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol) is a derivative of testosterone which underwent three important modifications. Methyl group allows for crossing liver walls, and the addition of a double bond and the removal of 3-keto group result in an increase in its bioactivity and improved anabolic effects. Madol gained reputation as an incredibly powerful oral agent which is 60% more anabolic than testosterone and shows only 60% of testosterone androgenic properties. Such an action results in incredible increase in muscle mass and strength.

Madol does not undergo aromatisation, which is responsible for the majority of negative side effects associated with estrogen effects (water retention, gynecomastia). In contrary to testosterone, the practically zero water retention makes the agent a perfect measure in working out the muscles. Madol can be effectivelly used in order to support every cycle containing anabolic-androgenic measures (e.g. winstrol, primobolan, deca-durabolin, dianabol, anawar, turinabol, equipoise and trenbolone).

NAC (N-acetyl L-cysteine) provides the body system with a sulphur amino acid, cysteine, which is essential for the synthesis of glutathione, a strong antioxidant. NAC plays also a role of a perfect pro-antioxidant using neuroprotective properties. NAC affects the glutamate and dopamine neurotransmissions in the brain and that is why some researchers classify it as a nootropic agent.

Glutathione is one of the most important antioxidant factors in the human body system. In the liver, it acts as one of the main detoxicants. It is also involved in a variety of other functions, such as transport of amino acids and production of coenzymes. It is believed that glutathione promotes the positive nitrogen balance by facilitating the synthesis of proteins. It increases cell hydration, muscle glycogen resources and the level of growth hormone. It reduces cortisol and lactic acid levels, accelerates the reduction of adipose tissue, supports immunity and relieves symptoms of fatigue.

The main advantage of NAC use and a reason for using it in Core Labs Size Up is the fact that it supports the liver functions and its regeneration during the periods when you use hepatocytes damaging agents.

TPGS is a powerful measure to create poorly-soluble lipophilic compounds and to improve their absorption and bioavailability (e.g. oil-soluble vitamins, including vitamin E). TPGS is proven to be effectively and safe used in pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, food, beverages, body care products and animal food.

Vitamin E TPGS plays a key role in the protection of cell membranes against free radical actions, so that its consumption during steroid cycle reduces the damage of these structures. The proper regeneration and growth of muscle cells depends mainly on the health of cell membranes.

Another advantage of vitamin E supplementation during prohormonal cycle is its ability to penetrate through the lipid barrier of skin cells. Thanks to this property, it is possible to strengthen and seal cell membranes, which leads to water retention in cells and makes them firmer. Tocopherols are present in numerous cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. They are used in the products for the treatment of acne, eczema or skin discolorations.

Vitamin E reduces the degradation of erythrocytes. It facilitates the delivery of oxygen, which is contained in them, to all cells of the body system. It strengthens blood vessels and improves their contractility as well as reduces blood clotting, which contributed to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, which are more likely to occur during the use of anabolic measures.

Carbopol is used to stabilise, increase and control the release of pharmaceutical products (temporary release). It is a compound of retardant properties, added to prohormones to prolong their release. Such effects resemble the endogenous production of hormones, which improves their effectiveness and absorption. Carbopol may improve the effectiveness of prohormones up to 100%! This means that the prohormones that contain this component are far more effective in building muscle mass and strength and in the reduction of adipose tissue.

To sum it all up, Core Labs Size Up is recommended to everyone who cares about quick gain in muscle mass and strength and the improvement of sport results, with relatively low risk of side effects. Due to the huge power of action, the product is not recommended for beginners. The product can be used both in the periods of muscle mass building and strength improvement as well as for the reduction of adipose tissue.

Suggested use:

1 capsule a day, during or after a meal

Do not use longer than for 4–6 weeks! After cycle, you should do a PCT (post-cycle therapy) and a 2-month break before the next cycle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! During the product use, it is worth to control blood pressure and lipid profile.

EAN: 0700580500746

Data sheet

Serving per container:
30 caps
Serving size:
1 caps
13-ethyl-3methoxygona-2, 5(10)-dien-17-one; 17-methyl-delta-2-etioallocholane; 17-methyl-delta-3-etioallocholane; 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol
Size UP Liver Support: 420 mg
NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteina) ; Vitamin E TPGS
15 mg

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SIZE UP - 30 caps


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