DMHA POWER - 60 caps

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DMHA - Control over the Energy Power!

Nice a few long years and it has happened. Clean DMHA has entered the diet supplement market with a buzz. There is a good reason. These effects can not be forgotten and are difficult to describe. Imagine that it works after just 15 minutes. After 15 minutes you feel a thrill of adrenaline and dopamine divine pleasure and energy spreading your whole body and mind. You become mega focused and fully concentrated. You experience extraordinary confidence and courage to accomplish every task. You see how everything you do you manage to do 2 times faster and 2 times better. This is it, you think! And what gives you such effects is DMHA!

Yes Yes Yes! DMHA works like an amphetamine, but without its shit side effects. DMHA will give you mega power for training and ultra power for learning and mental work. It will not cause psychosis, anxiety, insomnia, psychic pits or other effects that occur after the end of the amfa. Below you have the details - what helps, what benefits, the detailed mechanism of action and the differences between our DMHA and what offers, hm ... "competitions" by small k.


On a number of problems of the 21st century people. DMHA removes such ailments as:

  •   drowsiness
  •   tiredness
  •   anhedonia
  •   narcolepsy
  •  lack of energy
  •  procrastination
  •  low motivation
  •  lack of self confidence
  •  poor memory and concentration
  •  failure to work and learn
  •  no satisfactory successes in professional and private life


DMHA unleashes your life force in 100% in areas such as:

  •   Energy
  •  Motivation
  •  Creativity
  •  Brightness of mind
  •  Memory and concentration
  •  Confidence
  •  Happiness

In addition, it does not cause side effects of the use of illegal stimulants such as amphetamines, methamphetamine and other similar agents. 1 DMHA capsule lasts up to 6 hours! You can use it daily 2. Thanks to that your brain and body work with full power throughout the day of work or study, and in the evening you do not feel the descent, you can fully relax and fall asleep easily! And the next day ... another capsule and again 100% power for the whole day!


DMHA is a stimulant of the central nervous system - it raises the level of key neurotransmitters: dopamine and norepinephrine. Thanks to this, it activates your brain and the effectiveness of all your activities to the maximum.

DMHA is a nootropic - an enhancer of cognitive functions (improves memory, concentration, focus, raises the clarity of mind, improves creativity and speaking abilities).

DMHA also has a neuroprotective effect - it protects your brain against the harmful effects of stress and all other chemicals, exhaust, smog, unhealthy food and toxic drugs. This is a sensation, because such amphetamine destroys the brain (degenerates brain cells and over time you would become more dumb if you used it).


DMHA from SUPLI is the best DMHA form available on the market. Its features are:

  •  pharmaceutical quality
  •  excellent price / quality ratio
  •  high content of DMHA in 1 capsule
  •  GMP, GHP, HPLC and other quality certificates
  •  no side effects caused by harmful stimulants
  •  the highest efficiency of action


Pack size: 60 capsules

The size of 1 serving: 1-2 capsules

Servings per package: 60/30


DMHA 200 mg

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Dosage method

Use 1 capsule in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast. Do not exceed the dose of 2 capsules a day. Use the second portion of the product after a minimum of 6 hours from the first serving.


ATTENTION! Consult a physician before using the product. The product is not intended for persons under 18 years of age.

If you experience any side effects - stop using the product!

Storage method

Store in a tightly closed container, in a dry, cool place out of reach of children!

Additional information

Each batch produced by Core Labs is independently tested for purity and potential by HPLC, to ensure only the highest quality ingredients in our formulas.

EAN: 0178929739019

Data sheet

Serving per container:
Serving size:
1/2 caps
200 mg

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DMHA POWER - 60 caps


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