XXL Nutrition Omega3 Ultra Pure - 100 kapsułek

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Ultra Pure Fish Oil with 26% EPA und 17% DHA

  • Extremely high EPA (26%) and DHA (17%)
  • Guaranteed free of heavy metals
  • Contains natural Vitamin E to prevent oxidation of Omega 3 fatty acids
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Omega 3 Ultra Pure

Everyone knows our normal omega 3 fish oil, but have you already been introduced to our Omega 3 Ultra Pure? The well-known essential omega 3 fatty acids, now in even purer form! Omega 3 has numerous benefits for the optimal functioning of our body, including good for the heart, so it is very important that it is included in the daily diet. Athletes have a higher omega 3 requirement, and to easily meet this requirement, the Omega 3 Ultra Pure capsules offer a solution. Just one capsule once or twice a day and you are sure to provide your body with the necessary omega 3 fatty acids.

The effect of omega 3

The main active ingredients in omega 3 are DHA and EPA. These contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure and DHA is good for the brain. You certainly do not want to have an omega 3 deficiency. With a high content of both fatty acids (26% EPA and 17% DHA) you get a high dose of essential fatty acids via Omega 3 Ultra Pure. Natural Vitamin E has also been added to prevent oxidation of the omega 3 fatty acids.

What contains omega 3?

Now that you know how important omega 3 is, you naturally ask yourself which foods contain omega 3. It gets a bit more difficult there, because omega 3 in EPA and DHA form is almost exclusively found in oily fish. Okay, certain products like eggs can also contain omega 3, but those are often low amounts. There are also vegetable sources of omega 3 such as linseed or chia seed. However, we are talking about the less absorbable variant ALA and not about the pure EPA and DHA form.

In short, there are not many good vegan omega 3 sources available and it comes down to eating fish. And let most people aren't that big of a fan of it right now, let alone several times a week ...

The best omega 3 source

With Omega 3 Ultra Pure you can be sure that you are getting 100% pure omega 3 fatty acids. Today there are numerous manufacturers offering cheap omega 3 supplements, but research shows that these are often full of metal particles. These are absorbed by the fish and are therefore invisible, but can be very harmful to the human body. To ensure that we only offer 100% pure omega 3, we have every batch tested under European control. This way you can be sure that you can always use Omega 3 Ultra Pure safely.

Usage and dosage

Take two capsules once or twice a day with a drink of your choice, preferably during a meal.

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